Wednesday, 26 March 2014

IATEFL 2014: EAP sessions

I'm very excited that this blog has been given the status of IATEFL 2014 online registered blogger. This will give us the chance to embed some of the streamed content from the conference and for teachers at our school to post about their experiences of both attending and presenting at Harrogate.

Anyhow, since most of the teachers at our school teach English for Academic Purposes (EAP), I thought it might be worthwhile highlighting some of the key sessions dealing with this area of language teaching. This is not an exhaustive list of EAP sessions at the conference, simply the ones that sounded most interesting to me. If you want to see the complete list, you can always go to the Harrogate programme and see which ones you like the look of.

Wednesday 2nd April

PunCTUation? Who needs IT!
Nicholas Northall (from our school here in Sheffield!)

Environmental issues as a carrier for skill development in EGAP
Evelyn J Nauomi 

First-year medical students think aloud while reading academic English 
Diane Malcolm

Post-IELTS writing: helping students to understand and meet academic expectations 
Els Van Geyte

Help with academic writing: a learner’s dictionary of academic English 
Diana Lea

Thursday 3rd April

Academic writing materials: from research to online delivery 
Adam Kightley, Hilary Nesi and Sheena Gardner

Learner engagement in the EAP classroom 
Chris Heady

Getting discipline-specific in the general EAP classroom 
Jennifer MacDonald

Acquisition versus performance: reconceptualising plagiarism in English for 
academic purposes 
Olwyn Alexander

Collocation and the learner: wading into the depths 
Michael McCarthy

Friday 4th April

 How do engineers say that? Encouraging academic independence in EAP
Julie Moore

 Teaching English for Academic Purposes: insights from experience
Penny Ur

EAP teacher practice: making it visible
Steve Kirk

Practice makes perfect: designing repetition into the speaking activity
Tilly Harrison 

Saturday 5th April

Motivating students in the ESL Classroom 
Elizabeth Davies (not specifically EAP, but another ELTC teacher and sure to be interesting!)

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